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As a PGA Professional, I am committed to your success and helping you achieve a greater enjoyment of golf. Whether you are new to the game, wanting to lower your handicap or a tested tournament player, my 20 years of experience working with all levels of golfers can help you. Please feel free to contact me at 316.941.6627 or [email protected]

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Services offered include individual golf lessons, group golf lessons, junior golf lessons, playing lessons, golf equipment consultation. All individual golf lessons are one on one instruction with Steve Hausmann and include golf balls, video analysis, training aids and drills. After each lesson, the golfer may receive an email or DVD with video from lesson and tips from Steve for continued learning.

Group golf lessons are a fun and inexpensive way to learn the game of golf with family, friends or co-workers. All group golf lessons are instruction with Steve Hausmann and include one bucket of balls per person per 55 minute session. Based on size of group, video analysis and training aids may be limited. Please refer to the Rates tab for cost information.

Playing lessons are a great way to incorporate learning to swing and scoring on the course. Learning the perfect swing does not guarantee low scores. Playing lessons will help you transfer your swing from the range to the course. These lessons will focus on the technique of how to hit a variety of shots including uphill, downhill, side hill along with learning the strategy of scoring. Playing lessons may be done at a variety of courses. Please refer to the Rates tab for cost information.

Junior golf lessons are important to build a solid foundation for many years of learning and enjoyment of golf. Teaching good golf fundamentals can put a junior golfer on the path to learn faster. Included along with teaching the golf swing is teaching and reinforcing good golf etiquette and respect for fellow golfers. Junior golf lessons can be done on an individual or group basis. Summer camps will be offered. Please refer the Rates tab for cost information.

The game of golf can be a large investment with the need for golf clubs, bag, balls, shoes, gloves, practice, greens fees, lessons and your time. With technology getting better and changing so fast, the last thing you need is to spend a lot of money on the wrong equipment. Before making the large investment in irons, woods, wedges and putter, I offer equipment consultation. Each golf equipment consultation will include observing your swing and providing you with recommendations on type of club, shaft flex, lie angle, and set composition. Each consultation last 30 minutes and cost $50.

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Extensive use of Video Analysis is Key

Steve uses a video camera during all lessons because often it is difficult for a golfer to “feel” the mechanics in their own swing that affect ball striking and ball flight. This tool gives the golfer immediate feedback and visual confirmation about swing technique. After the lesson, Steve will email the golfer his/her lesson video, and will include pointers and areas of emphasis so that the student has a lasting tool to use during independent practice.
The video system allows for frame by frame advancement of the student's swing, as well as side-by-side comparison to professional players so that the student can visualize exact desired changes in the golf swing. After the lesson, Steve will provide a CD of the golfer's lesson video, and will include pointers and areas of emphasis so that the student has a lasting tool to use during independent practice."