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To schedule a golf lesson with Steve Hausmann please call 316.941.6627. If I am giving a golf lesson or unavailable to answer, please leave a detailed message with name, phone number along with date and time you would like for a golf lesson. It is also possible to schedule a lesson by email. Please email your request for date and time of golf lesson to [email protected]. I will reply asap to schedule your golf lesson. If you have general questions about golf lessons, please leave request on voicemail or email.

How to maximize your golf lesson experience

It is important to maximize you golf lesson experience to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early and spend some time preparing for your investment in your golf game. It is important to prepare your body and mind for learning. Please spend a few minutes stretching and thinking about what you want to get from that days golf lesson. Reflect and be ready to share the following:
  • What are your goals for your golf game?
  • What are the strengths of your golf game?
  • What are the weaknesses of your golf game?
  • Do you have any physical limitations or injuries?
  • How often do you practice golf?
  • How often do you play golf?

To finish preparing yourself for your lesson, please turn off your cell phone or turn to vibrate and have an open, inquisitive mind accepting of change. Relax, remember that golf is supposed to be enjoyed.

During the golf lesson

During the golf lesson, I find people are too focused on the flight of the ball (result) and not focused enough on the swing (process). There are many ways to swing the golf club based on each person’s height, body type and coordination. There is no one way to swing the golf club but there are basic fundamentals to allow the body, arms and club to work together to create a repetitive golf swing and consistent ball flight. I ask you to focus more on process and have trust in the process. This trust will give you the results you desire.

Using video during the golf lesson

I use video during golf instruction as it provides instant feedback to the student and often shortens the time it takes to make changes. If you have not seen your swing before, prepare to be surprised. Discussing and demonstrating golf swing techniques will be enhanced after the student has a clear picture of what they look like during the golf swing. The video will provide frame by frame pictures of the golf swing to help you feel where the body, arms and club are during the golf swing.

After the golf lesson

At the end of the golf lesson it is very important that you do not leave unsure of anything discussed during the golf lesson. Please ask any questions to clarify any aspect of the golf lesson you do not understand. Another good part of the learning process is to write any key words or phrases that made a difference for you during the lesson. This will be important in the learning process to change habits and remind yourself of how the golf swing is should feel.